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A Novel by Vanna B. and Cal Akbar

Blood is flowing through the streets of Philadelphia. And a mysterious stranger has come to town with the intention of causing more to flow. He arrives at Smitty’s Bar & Lounge seeking vengeance against the man responsible for killing his father in the 1970s.

Smitty and Lex are brothers, though not by blood, they are in every other sense of the word. In addition to running the city’s hotspot, frequented by local criminals, pimps, and hustlers, they remain deep in the streets turning a profit by any means necessary.

A wedge is driven between the brothers when Smitty gets involved with a woman he loves so fiercely he’d kill for her. But Lex is convinced she’s nothing but trouble and no good for Smitty. Meanwhile the two find they have bigger fish to fry when they mistakenly cook up unexpected beef with crooked cops and the most deadly Puerto Rican drug lord in the city.

The stranger will get a lot more than he came looking for and may even unearth dark secrets about himself and his family’s past in the process. Set against the gritty backdrop of the ‘70s, who will be left standing after the gun smoke clears in the City of Brotherly Blood?

Betrayal* Revenge*Obsession*Karma*Envy*Neglect
A novel and stage play by Vanna B. and J. Rayna Smith

Pain. Abuse. Betrayal. Honor Moore is no stranger to any of it. Being brought up in the mean streets of Philly forced her to grow up fast. Dawn Jacobs is a good girl who, coming up in the city's outskirts, was sheltered from the harsh realities Honor faced. Despite their very different backgrounds, the two became unlikely best friends.

As an adult, Honor's past demons prevent her from finding love while Dawn flaunts her picture-perfect relationship. When Dawn faces a devastating tragedy of her own, she expects Honor to be her crutch, as she had always been. Honor believes it's time for Dawn to grow up and stand on her own two feet, but Dawn can't help but feel like her old friend is acting strangely new.

What will become of their friendship when jealousy, lies, and deceit enter their lives? Can this sisterhood stand the test of time and survive the ultimate betrayal, or will the bond they share ultimately be broken?

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